09 May 2010

Reader's Digest condensed version of the past year

So my last meaningful post was just after the 2009 Colorado Marathon last May. The 2010 Colorado Marathon was today, so I guess it's been a year ... What's happened since then? The quick strokes are below, I hope to expand more on things in future posts, but given past performance ...

  • I completed my first triathlon in June, the 2009 Loveland Lake to Lake Triathlon (1.5K swim, 30 mile bike, 10K run). I had a great time and a whole bunch of things go wrong.
  • After a year of intimidated lurking I finally went out and ran with the Fort Collins Trail Runners. Why did I wait so long? My trail running has blossomed since then.
  • I climbed two 14'ers last summer, Kit Carson Peak and Mount of the Holy Cross. Both were big days but Kit Carson was especially epic.
  • I ran the Blue Sky Marathon in October, posting my first DNF, at mile 22. Definitely a story for another post.
  • I spent the better part of the winter, Oct-Jan, fighting through hip/ITB injuries and pain. I became well acquainted with the foam roller, stretching, hip exercises, pain, and frustration.
  • I've signed up and started training for my first ultra, the Devil's Lake Dances With Dirt 50K on 10 July in my home state of Wisconsin. Training is going well I think. My long run is up to 22 miles, all on the trail. I am 9 weeks out and my upcoming training includes two 24 and two 26 mile long runs.
  • I am obviously not in love with swimming, I haven't been in the water since the triathlon last June. My cycling has fallen off quite a bit too. I enjoy the cycling but have been running 5 days a week.
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20 February 2010

It's been how long?

Can it still be called a 'blog if you only update it a couple times a year? I should get on that. More to come.

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