24 June 2007

Summer: Hiking and Biking (and still running)

It was "Bike to work day" in Colorado on the June 27th. I figured the new svelte and athletic Brian should participate in such an activity. So in preparation I've been riding some, although not as much as I probably should have. But I did it. 25 miles to work and then 15 miles back up to the softball fields for our game that night. Biking is going to become part of my weekly routine now, I'm even riding to my Weight Watchers meetings now.

I've also been out hiking a few times this summer. I hiked
Twin Sisters (11428) one Friday after work and hiked most of the way up Mt. Meeker (13911, we got to around 12750). The Mt Meeker trip was exciting as we came across a sleeping mountain lion on the way down. The detour around him added several miles to our trip! But he stayed asleep and we stayed alive. I hope to climb a few 14'ers in the next month or two. At lease Longs Peak (14255), Mt. Massive (14421), and Mt. Shavano (14229) are on my list for this summer.

I figure I should address weight too, as that is why I started this. I have realized 2 things with respect to my weight loss. First, it has become secondary to getting out and being active. Losing weight helps me become a faster runner (I ran my first sub-30:00 5K on Father's Day!) and allows me to do more though, so it isn't ignored. Second, eating healthy really has become a habit for me. I do pay attention to what I eat, but I don't track every bite as I did when I first started. This gives me great hope for maintaining my weight loss over the long term.
I have now lost 133 lbs, being below 210 for the first time in 19? years.

Included are a couple pictures of me taken in June, enjoying some of my favorite summer activities, softball, hiking, and trying to read in my hammock while camping (with 2 girls crawling over me).