15 December 2006

Bring on L

I hit 2 milestones in November. First, I have kept up my running. I am running 3-4 days a week, 12-15 miles total and ran my first 10K (6.2 mile) race this month. Below is one of my wife's scrapbook pages of me running. The second milestone was even more unthinkable. I went out to get a new dress shirt to wear when I took my wife out for her birthday (and to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of maintaining her 70 lb weight loss - she still looks great, and still is supportive and inspiring). I tried a few shirts on and they were all too big on me. So I went back to the rack and pulled off a size L. It fit! I'm sure I wore some size L shirts while in college, but I really didn't remember the last time I had bought one. I have gone from size XXXL to size L shirts. Size 48 to size 34 pants. I'm flirting with 120 lbs gone too. Wow! I have far exceeded any expectations I had when I joined Weight Watchers. We didn't cut our own tree this year so my "annual tree cutting picture" isn't to be. I have included a picture of me and Sandis near Christmas though. I'm sure I'm wondering what size L clothing I'll be getting from Santa.