04 November 2007


This past week I officially weighed in at less than 200 lbs - known as Onederland in the Weight Watchers community. The first digit of my weight is simply a statistic I know, but there is something more satisfying about passing "round" numbers, multiples of 10, multiples of 100. And passing a multiple of 100 is very satisfying. I have to admit that before I started WW and really for six months or so after I started I never dreamed I would see Onederland again. As I said in August, this is 20 year territory for me, freshman in college territory, it still boggles my mind ... Still, if at the end of my life I can say I "only" spent 20 years weighing more than 200 lbs I bet I'll be ahead of many.

I ran another half marathon yesterday, the Heart Center of the Rockies Half Marathon. I am not sure which is more mind boggling to me, my running half marathons or my weighing less than 200 lbs. My answer probably switches daily. I had a good race, finishing in 2:15:41.7, a pace of 10:22 per mile. That is 5:19 faster than the half in August, 24 seconds per mile faster. Maybe most impressive to me is how strong I felt even at the end of the race. And today I feel great, a little stiff, but not that much -- I even took advantage of nice weather and went biking today. Maybe most mind boggling is my excitement about training for and running a full marathon next May or June. And I bought an issue of "Triathlete" magazine the other day... The sky's the limit.

It's been a few months since I posted any pictures. I don't think I look much different now than I did in July, but here are a couple. The one is from behind only because I was actually amazed that I almost look like a skinny guy in that picture (everything's relative!), and I didn't find another picture that captured that. The pumpkins my daughter is standing by were grown by her and I in our backyard. The largest weighed 74 lbs. and together the 4 of them weighed 202 lbs., more than I do!

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