15 December 2005

Bring on XL

I include the Christmas tree picture 1 year later. I feel great and am about 7 lbs away from 250 lbs. That puts me down 85 lbs. When I started, 250 lbs was my pie in the sky goal. I am no where near ready to quit now that I am almost there though. For Christmas I have asked for clothes as mine are all too big. For the first time in about 13 years I can wear a size XL shirt. I am walking 10 miles per week and jogging for 1/2 mile stretches here and there. At this time I don't ever see myself running for any distance though, it just isn't that fun. A note on my wife Shawn's progress -- she reached her goal last month, losing a total of 70 lbs. She looks incredible and continues to give me inspiration as well as support.