14 August 2007

New Milestones

In the past few weeks I've hit a couple major milestones in my weight loss. First my BMI has dropped below 30. This is significant because a BMI of 30 or more is considered obese. While I have thought of myself as obese in awhile, I guess it is official now. Now I'm simply overweight. The second milestone I've hit is losing 40% of what I weighed when I walked into Weight Watchers in March 2005. That's right, I'm 60% of the man I used to be. But so much more. At 203 lbs I am very close to breaking into "Onderland". It will take a good couple weeks to get there by my summer goal of my birthday (the 28th), but if not by then it will be soon after. This is territory I haven't seen since my freshman year in college (1987). I've also seen several people this summer who I hadn't seen in several years, and few of them recognized me. That's pretty fun.

Last weekend I ran another half marathon, The Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon. It was a beautiful course up at 8000 ft in the Colorado mountains. Initially the thought of running down an interstate frontage road was kind of boring but the course was really pretty. About 1/2 was on dirt roads and paths and nearly all of it was far enough from the interstate you didn't even notice the cars. I was shooting for a finish of 2:17:30 (10:30 / mile) . I finished in 2:21:05 (10:46 / mile). Still a personal record by 6.5 minutes and 11 minutes faster than my first half marathon. I will run at least one more half marathon this fall, but haven't decided on which one yet. Or maybe I'll look for a duathlon -- I've been riding my bike a lot lately. I also need to find some time to get up another mountain. Our plans started grand and we kicked Mt Massive's butt, but we haven't gone out for another yet.

I'll have to look for some pictures. I'm sure my wife has taken some.

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