10 September 2006

I can run?

This picture is not well focused, I apologize for that. It is the first picture I have of myself running though, so I had to include it. Farther down the page I comment how I did not see myself ever running much. I re-affirmed that in July while coming down off Mt. Sherman while talking with one of my climbing buddies. But here is proof that I was wrong! This picture is of me with my daughter Sandis running in the 1 mile fun run before the 5K Colorado Run. The Colorado Run was my first 5K (3.1 Miles) ever. I finished in a fairly slow 38:00, but most importantly I finished. And I was soon after addicted to the road. I am at 115 lbs lost now, the weight is still coming off slowly but again I feel better, look better, and my clothes continue to fit better.