18 April 2011

No PB in the Horsetooth Half

No Half PB for me in the Horsetooth Half Marathon.  No sub-2:00 hour finish.  Not even a course PB.  Oh-for-three on my goals, no fun.

 Last weekend I ran at Pineridge Reservoir and the wind was all over the place.  At times it was 15-20 MPH, at times calm.  At times I ran into the wind at one end of the loop and with the wind, while going in the same direction, at the other end of the loop.  I hit wind in some spots that were calm the loop before and vice versa.  It was just difficult to figure out. 

Such has been my running.  In the past 2 weeks I've run a 5K PB, a Towers road PB, had one of the uglier long runs in months and ran my slowest half marathon in 3 years.  I've had all the runs to fill in the gaps in between too.  It's been difficult to figure out.

I suppose there's probably some wisdom in here regarding adequate recovery after hard and fast efforts.  Probably some more wisdom regarding riding the ups and downs while increasing mileage volume.  Maybe even some snarky comments to be made regarding pavement pounding.  For now I'm just kind of bummed.  That will probably change tomorrow when I go out for a run.  Wonder which way the wind will be blowing?

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