18 April 2011

24 Hours of Towers

  Yes the glorious rumors you have heard are true.  The FCTR summer running fun will be 24 hours of Towers.  The date will be Saturday July 30th.  Mark your calendars.  The details are yet to be determined, probably after some beverages at the Trailhead, but the broad strokes are in place.
  • Who: As many of you as possible, and any borderline crazy friends you may be able to talk into this.  You can run solo or as relay-style teams.
  • What: 7 mile laps up and down Towers road.   As many as you can or want to do in 24 hours.  Here's a great blow by blow up the route from Nick.
  • Where: Towers road in Horsetooth Mountain Park.  We'll start/finish each lap at campsite I54 which is right across the road from the Soderberg parking lot.  This makes the route an even 7 miles round trip to make the math easier at 3:00 AM.
  • Why: To celebrate the beast that makes us all stronger runners.
  • When: 7:00 AM Sat. July 30th to 7:00 AM Sun. morning July 31st.  Breakfast and tall tales to follow, probably at the campground.
We simply want a lot of people to show up and have fun.  To that end, there aren't a lot of rules.
  • Run solo, or run as a team.  
  • Start/finish each lap at the campground and tag the service building up top.  
  • Run when you want, stop when you want.  Drink beer when you want.  Dip your toes in the Reservoir when you want.
  • Have fun.

Three of us have campsites in Horsetooth reserved already.  There may still be a couple more available, if you're so inclined, but you're welcome to hang at the sites we have too.

Ask Alex, Pete, or Brian any questions you may have and check back here for forthcoming details.


  1. I can't wait Brian. My whole family will be there- Maddie says she is going to do at least 2 laps. Just to put myself out there, I am setting a goal of 10 laps- 70 miles and 17,000 feet of vertical. At 3 weeks out from Leadville, this is the perfect last long training run.

  2. I'll commit to running my age, at 42 that's 6 laps and gets me over 10K of vert. Doing a 7th to top 50 sounds appealing now, but that decision will come on the 30th. Or maybe the 31st. My family should be out there too, I may even be able to talk Stella into a lap.

  3. Or 8 laps to get over 50 miles. Depends on your math skills.

  4. My 36th birthday is the 27th of July but there is no way I'll be ready to run that many miles by then! How about 2 laps? Maybe 3?

  5. I'm in! Guess I better try for 10 laps, too, if I'm going to be able to keep up as Alex's pacer at Leadville!
    I'll see if I can talk some "borderline crazy" friends into joining us. (I might know a few.......)

  6. I'm in too, Brian! One quick question/update: I went online recently to reserve a campsite for that night and found most of 'em already reserved, many likely by members of our group!

    I'm not planning to sleep, but had wanted to reserve a spot for friends & family (not to camp necessarily, just to bring a camp chair & hang out). I figure enough people have probably reserved sites at this point that my not having a site of my own probably isn't a problem - yes?

    (If it's any incentive, my dad will likely be bringing yummy home-brewed beer along with him, so he'll be good company!)

    Really, really looking forward to this, Brian! Thanks so much.

  7. Ashley, I'll keep your Dad company.

  8. I know members of FCTR have at least 4 sites reserved Ashley, so there will surely be some spaces to hang out. Nobody with a keg of homebrew will have trouble finding a spot!