01 November 2011

When life gives you lemons

Sometimes it's nice to find the lucky horseshoe up your own butt

So this afternoon I was kicking myself for not getting my streak run in earlier in the day.  (Yeah I said streak run -- my long, rambling, and potentially profound post on this hasn't been published yet -- because it's not done)  Anyway, I didn't run before work even though I knew it was unlikely I'd find time during work with a long staff meeting this morning.  I knew this was going to push the run off until after Sandis' soccer practice unless I convinced Stella to go along, which was unlikely with a cold front coming in.  I realized this meant I was going to be running right about when the rain was forecast to start -- should have looked closer at the weather forecast for today .  I figured this would be a lesson in the planning that goes into a successful running streak.

And then it started snowing.  The run I thought was going to be in the rain turned into a fun run in the snow.  Big fat beautiful snowflakes.  Lemons -> Lemonade.  Awesome.  I'll let you know in a few weeks if I learned that lesson.  I like to think so but ...

Streaking, this was day 5 of purposeful streaking, 8th day in a row going for a run.  Someday I'll get that other post done but for now I'll just thank my friend Ean for the inspiration.


  1. Here's to inspiring each other! Running in the snow, while it's snowing, has got to be my fav run! So magical, huh?! Glad you got your run in. It's always hardest for me when I postpone the run until the evening...like I'm doing today since I'm deliriously tired.

  2. Magical yes, and even moreso in the dark. The contrast of big white flakes on the black night, snowflakes reflecting in the headlamp beam or streetlight, good stuff.

    Inspiring each other, indeed. Long Live the Streak!

  3. Love those fluffy white snowflakes. Gotta savor all kinds of weather; I guess that's part of the Joy of the Streak. Long live the streak indeed!