17 November 2011

Dear Towers

Dear Towers, 
 While you technically still have the upper hand, I'm gaining ground on you. Tonight's time was not a Personal Best, not even close, but it was over 5 minutes faster than my last trip up. And it felt good. Yes, I enjoyed every uphill step. I'm getting my running Mojo back. If I were you, I'd be scared. 


 P.S. I'm already thinking about 24 HoT. The side of your building is going to be sore after I'm done slapping it.


  1. Awesome, Brian! You were definitely due a good night on the hill. Sorry I missed it.

  2. Aw Yeah! Way to let Towers know who's in control here!

  3. Man, towers crushed me last night! She is a fickle and tempestuous mistress. Good job and good luck with your streaking!