07 March 2011

Number Nine ... Number Nine ... Number Nine ...

So I'm seeing a trend in recent short race results. 8:25 is a popular pace. That's what I ran for the Tortoise & Hare 12K last weekend. It's what I ran for the Tortoise & Hare 8K on Superbowl Sunday. And I ran 8:23 paces the previous 2 races, a 4M and a 10K. The other handful of short races I ran in 2010 (all the way back to an 8:31 pace in the Resolution Run in Dec 2009) have all been in a tight window of about 10 seconds a mile. I suppose there are several ways to interpret this. Not getting any better ... Not getting any worse ... Pace not dropping off with distance ... best I can hope for doing so little speedwork ... But I've decided to interpret it as 8:25 is just my road pace. I'd be pretty happy with a 6.5 minute PB at the Horsetooth Half. ;-)

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