31 March 2008

Scared for a Day

I have been extremely lucky (or maybe just smart) when it comes to injury. I've never had a running injury sideline me in the 19 months I've been running. This winter as I have really ramped up my mileage I have been paranoid by every ache and pain. Is it ITB syndrome, is that knee pain normal, will my foot fall off? You get the idea. Anyway, I woke up early Sunday morning with an extremely sore back - back spasms if I wasn't careful sore. I don't often get a sore back, even when I was at my biggest I didn't really have trouble, so this was very disturbing to me. How long would it set my running back? I spent Sunday worrying about just that.

I am not sure what exactly brought it on as Saturday was a Day of Rest (DOR) and last week wasn't a ton of miles, though I did run hard off-road and up and down hills on Friday evening. I also kicked a soccer ball around Saturday afternoon, but that doesn't seem like something that would do it either. Who knows. Vitamin I didn't touch it on Sunday, but a little pill left over from my root canal last spring seemed to do the trick as I awoke feeling much refreshed today. And more importantly I went out for 4.5 miles tonight and felt great, not a note of anything from the back. Big sigh of relief. I'm going to swap my speedwork for the 10 miler I missed last Sunday and then I'll be back on schedule.

I was down another 0.6 lbs this week, now at 190.8. Although I plan on going lower 190 is my Dr. set goal for WW. Almost there.

March totals: 107 miles, 52 miles long runs, 26.1 miles at tempo pace, 14 miles of speed work including 11 one mile repeats. My first 100 mile month.

Week 10: 11.8 miles, no long run due to back

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