16 March 2008

Rain Delay

Week 12 ended in disappointment. I went out for my first 17 miler run today and ended up calling it quits at 7.8 miles. I got caught in wind and rain and was soaked to the bone. I felt bad while sitting in the coffee shop and waiting for my ride. The rain looks much easier to deal with when you're inside and dry. Given that I've never wimped out due to the weather before I think this was an exceptional case and the right choice. Snow I could have dealt with, it just falls off you. Guess I'll bag the 17 next week and figure out how to adjust my schedule.

Other than that I had a good week though. With Daylight Savings time I got a good 10K tempo run in after work one day and did a relatively fast 4 miles on another with one 1600 interval during that run at an 8:00 per mile pace, my fastest yet.

Week 12: 18.0 miles, 7.8 mile long run.

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