03 February 2012

100 days

I was going to post either a geeky statistical breakdown or something sappy and inspirational, but I'm already on day 102 and haven't gotten there yet, so here it is.  100 days of streaking, 603 miles, Woo Hoo!  Congrats to Ean on her 100 days yesterday and Mindy on hers come Monday.  Oh yeah, this is all Ean's fault.  Thanks!


  1. Hah! My fault, huh? Well then, I’d like to pass the buck to Ashley, since it was her post with the naked streaker across the Wimbledon green that caught my eye. I then thought, hey, I’ll do it if Ashley’s doing it! And the rest is history...

    Seriously...it’s pretty cool to be blamed for something this spectacular! Strong and inspiring work, Brian!

  2. Not only are you to be blamed for me but I found out the other day that a girl at work I talked into streaking talked her sister into streaking. I think you get credit for them too as they are both still going.