24 February 2008

Week 15

So in only my second week of training I miss a workout! What a bum I am. Well, as I have often said with losing weight, sometimes life gets in the way. I did have a good 9:39 pace 10K tempo run and I went out on Sunday for a 15.1 mile long run. I held a good pace and it wasn't really hard work until the last 2 miles. And during the last 2 miles I was pushing the pace as well, to simulate the kick at the end of the marathon. All confidence again this week.

I've been enjoying more marathon stories from the books mentioned last week. A few from some really gifted runners, a few more from just regular guys (and girls). I like the latter, it's hard to put yourself in the shoes of someone who goes out at a 6:30 pace in their first marathon, but someone who stumbles through the training and needs everything he has physically and mentally to finish the beast I can relate too. I have started playing out my marathon finish in my head to get me through parts of my run. It worked well for my first half, I expect it to again.

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  1. saw your post on the WW site and followed to your blog. Starting WW Thursday going to 1st meeting. I am working on walking a 1/2 marathon this fall. So, does WW work? How much have you lost?
    Ilost some weight last summer and then got really sick and put my lbs back on. Had wanted to do a sprint trialthon this summer but not so sure. my blog